Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crawford's Sports Biz 59 Seconds For February 14th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Who gets the money on NBA all-star weekend. It breaks down like this.

Winning team members----$50,000
Losing team members-----$25,000
Slam Dunk winner-----$100,000
3 point winner----- $ 50,000

Average American worker now makes $42,715.00 per year.

Big News: We listen to readers. You want more sports biz news, so not only will we continue with Crawford's Sports Biz 59 seconds each day, but now our expaned version of of Crawford's Sports Biz 5 mins, 59 seconds will come out each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Thanks for the feedback and spread the word please.

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