Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crawford's Sports Biz 5 mins, 59 seconds, For February 24th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Philadelphia 76ers---- The 76ers are one of the many interesting sports business studies in the NBA. On the floor, the team seems destined to be in a constant rebuilding mode, with constant trades, first round picks that do not work out and some bad hiring decisions.

For billionaire owner Josh Harris, he probably can be a little patient. In 2011, Harris bought Philadelphia for $280 million, peanuts for today's market values, four years later. As we know, the Kings and Bucks in the last 2 years have sold for over $500 million and the Clippers for $2 billion.

Despite getting into the NBA "cheap", Harris is sharp enough to know at some point, especially in Philadelphia, to maximize his investment, the team needs to win.

NFL Combine----Just for having fast times and wearing Adidas cleats, cornerback Trae Waynes and wide receivers Phil Dorsett and Kevin White have picked up $100,000 each from Adidas. Waynes in the 40 yard dash had a time of 4.31 seconds, Dorsett 4.33 and White 4.35.

The fastest time at the combine was run by J.J. Nelson, at 4.28, he was also wearing Adidas cleats, but unlike the other three $100,000 recipients he did not sign an endorsement agreement with Adidas prior to the combine starting.

Last year Adidas started out wanting to give the three fastest players wearing their cleats a Porsche 911, but that was vetoed by the NFL, on the basis of their long time sponsorship with General Motors.

The fastest time last year in the 2014 NFL combine was turned in by Brandin Cooks. who got the $100,000 from Adidas, but shortly after signed an endorsement deal with Nike, thus prompting the pre combine contract deals for all players who wanted money from Adidas.

NAIA--- The NAIA has long been in the shadow of the NCAA. They have always needed to think outside the box to survive, but for me, this is a great idea that has been floated out by some people. All NAIA student/athletes would get five years of eligibility.

It is a good idea, cause less than 50 percent of all college/university students in the United State graduate in four years or less.

Hockey To Vegas--- A drive to bring hockey to Las Vegas by billionaire Bill Foley, is still going on, but has slowed some. The goal is to get commitments for 10,000 season tickets. The drive started on February 10th, in the first two days 5,000 people committed, since then a little over 2,000, so 3,000 more to go, with no real deadline.

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