Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crawford's Golf Daily, For September 28th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management---on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Ryder Cup----Tonight at midnight, 11,10 and 9 PDT, we will break down the Ryder Cup big time on CO Golf Show, with a true expert David Ogrin, who knows all about Ryder Cups being a past assistant captain and also knows all the players. To listen, So much to discuss and break down, the show will be wild and for sure knowing Ogrin, controversial.

Captains---Already the talk has begun about Captains for 2016, especially on the United States side. Many players are calling for Paul Azinger to return as Captain, after he led the U.S. to victory in 2008, the last win for America in the Ryder Cup.

I disagree, I said from day one that Tom Watson should not be Captain in 2014, nothing against his skill level, but he already had a chance. The United States should never have a Captain repeat as Watson did. There are just too many great golfers and human beings who deserve a chance to be Captain.

So how would this be in 2016 for Captains. Johnny Miller vs. Nick Faldo. It would be great for golf, which always needs a shot in the arm as these two could talk about it for two years on TV and it would really be CBS vs. NBC, as the two top golf analysts on TV going head to head.

FedEx Cup---Now as I have been saying for a long time, the FedEx Cup champion should be on the United States Ryder Cup team as an automatic choice. Billy Horschel who won this year's FedEx Cup was at the time the playing the best golf of anyone in the world, yet he stayed home, not having enough qualifying points and not being a Captain's pick.

With at least a week in between the Ryder Cup and the Tour Championship which determines the FexEx champion, the Captains' picks should always be after the Tour Championship. You want your best players in the Ryder Cup and for sure the United States did not have their best players on the team, especially without Horschel.

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