Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crawford's Golf Daily, for April 5th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford, TV, Radio and Print Golf Analyst, @wchoops @crawssportsbiz

I am proud to say that I work around women all the time, they will all tell you I am respectful and do not make inappropriate comments ever.

With that said, why is everyone so upset that Paulina Gretzky is going to be on the cover of Golf Digest. Yes, women's golf gets short changed my many, including the media, but the LPGA has never gotten so much attention in years as it got this past week.

You have to look at the bright side, everyone is talking about the LPGA, which needs to happen. I also realize that Paulina Gretzky is not a member of the LPGA, but she has pretty famous father and she is also the fiancee of popular professional golfer Dustin Johnson.

Everyone needs to relax. I did not see the level of upset about three years past when Paula Creamer did a pretty sexy photo shoot for Golfweek.

When I go to an LPGA event, I go to watch the golf and excitement of a terrific sporting event. I have never missed the 43 years of the LPGA event in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Yes, some men, it is obvious are just out there to watch beauty and bodies. Such is life, it will never end, this great relationship between men and women.

So let's all chill in the golf community. We have a lot bigger issues, like growing the game and making it accessible to women and men. Golf is cool and that is what we should be thinking about. Bring on the Golf Digest cover and forever let's respect the LPGA.

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