Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crawfords Golf Daily, For April 19th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Golf Analyst @wchoops @crawssportsbiz

Masters Cleanup---- 1. Interesting to note, that six of the last 12 Masters' winners have been left handed. Is it meaningless trivia, or a great statistical fact about one of the world's greatest golf courses.

2. If Bubba wins one more Masters, which he probably will, he will go down with some of the great one namers in the history of sports. Wilt, Russ, Michael, Magic, Pele, Tiger, LeBron and perhaps the biggest one namer of all time Babe.

3. Is Bubba now the favorite to win the U.S. Open, which will be played at the historic Pinehurst No. 2 course ?

4. There is no question, as I have documented many times before, that Jordan Spieth is going to be a big time super star in golf. I often wondered last Saturday, if Spieth would have had a more experienced caddy on the bag, would he not have won. He needed someone at 20 years of age, to cool him down and take charge, as many great caddies can do.

5. Interesting to note that CBS did not show any of the ice damage which took place with the awful February ice storm that hit many parts of Georgia. Not sure with CBS as well, that they realize how much longer they can go with Jim Nantz as their lead announcer. Nantz has gone from boring to totally dull.

6. Nantz's work only enhances more the work of Dan Hicks at NBC on golf. Hicks when you consider every booth talent in golf, is without question the best in the biz right now.

7. Is it about time the Masters' TV coverage went to Turner Broadcasting, a natural move with both great sports entities being in Georgia. CBS has had it way too long and their coverage is getting stale.

8. Overall, it probably was one of the most boring Masters of all time, not even considering the fact Tiger was not there and Phil missed the cut. But the great thing, we will all be watching next April again.

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