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Crawford's Sports Biz and Golf Combo

By Gregory Crawford----COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management---- on twitter @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz @wchoops

The Big 9 Influencers----For the last month, @crawssportsbiz has worked to develop the a list of the Top 9  influential people or groups in Oregon sports. Please excuse a little provincialism here, as Oregon is my home state and where I live. The list is powerful and unique. I would love comments, criticism and your own list.

9. Steve Brandon--- Not many people know Steve, but you should. He is the original sports editor of the Portland Tribune, which produced its first edition in February of 2001. I heard many people at the time say this paper would never last, but guess what it has and it has a great sports section which is led by Brandon.

8. Danny Miles----Miles is into his 45th year as the head men's basketball coach at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls, Oregon. One of three college basketball coaches in the country that has won over 1,000 games. But what you never hear much of, people seek out Miles all the time, not only for advice on basketball, but on life. As one colleague said recently, " A no-brainer to make the Naismith basketball hall of fame very soon.

7. Jon Spoelstra----Jon has had tremendous success running sports franchises, also an accomplished author, with most like his most successful book, "Marketing Outrageously, Redux." Despite working around the world, since the 1980s Jon has never left Portland. His advice to this day on sports biz is sought after by some sports' most powerful people and will continue to be. His latest venture,

6. Vin Lananna--- The title of associate athletic director at University of Oregon does not do him justice. He has brought so many track and field events to Oregon, it is tough to keep track, including the  Olympic Trials. Without question Lananna is one of the most powerful people in track and field and is not only influential in the state of Oregon, but around the world.

5. Dwight Jaynes----- Even after over 30 years in sports writing, when Jaynes writes something, it moves the needle. He has sustained his ability to stir the emotions of sports fans, while being with the Oregon Journal, the Oregonian and Comcast SportsNet. Jaynes has parlayed his writing talents to TV, where he brings a history of Oregon sports that is unmatched to the picture.

4. Timbers' Army----In my opinion, the Timbers' Army is not only the most powerful sports group ever in this state, but perhaps the most powerful organized group ever. The get things done, they have the ear of people and they give back to the community. All of soccer, that means around the world knows about the Timbers' Army.

3. Paul Allen----The Portland Trail Blazers probably would not be here if were not for Paul Allen. He owns a team that is beloved in the community and say what you want, but he cares about basketball and beyond. The only flaw here, people would love to hear more from him, as he is always a great interview, but he gives them sparingly.

2. Phil Knight----Founding partner of Nike is all you need to say. Nike dominates the world market in the apparel industry and footwear business and will for many years to come. A true Oregonian, whose roots have never left here after he graduated from Cleveland High School in SE Portland.

1. Mike Keiser----You never see Keiser on too many sports lists, but the man who brought us Bandon Dunes is a sports business genius. Bandon Dunes is without question the number one golf resort in the world and it is as such because of the creative genius of Keiser. Bandon Dunes also does so much for the economy of Oregon, as people come from all over the world everyday to play its many and awesome golf courses.

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