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Crawford's Sports Biz and Golf Combo, For March 28th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

NFL----The NFL continues to march on at a high level from the business side. What might the future bring?

1. The NFL has continually committed to having a  team permanently in London by 2022.

2. Regular season games are on track to be played in both Mexico City and Germany in 2017.

3. The three biggest target markets for the NFL after the United States are Mexico, China and Canada.

For the moment there seems to be no stopping the NFL, the game is popular as ever and the business model seems to be sound.

Mark King----Mark King has been in his position for nearly a year as President of Adidas North America, coming over from Taylor Made after a great career there as CEO.

King has laid out a big and coordinated plan for Adidas to once again become a power in the footwear and apparel market in the Untied States, after Adidas dropped to 3rd in the United State market behind Nike and Under Armour.

Recently Adidas moved 80 employees from Germany to the its North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Worldwide, Adidas ranks second in sales, with 2014 figures coming in at $15.8 billion, with Nike leading the way at $22.8 billion.

Adidas plans to work more closely with individual athletes to promote their products, less with leagues, evidenced by their decision recently to end their association with the NBA in 2 years.

Golf Rankings---Golfweek in a terrific publication with a long history of great work. In their recent rankings of America's Top 100 golf courses, it is interesting to see once again the dominance of Bandon Dunes.

The number one overall ranking went to Sand Hills, followed at number 2 Pacific Dunes. Also in the top 25 were three other Bandon Dunes courses. Old Macdonald (6), Bandon Dunes (8) and Bandon Trails (21).

For the record, Chambers Bay, the site of this year's U.S. Open is ranked 29th, down five places from Golfweek's 2014 rankings.

One mistake in my estimation in Golfweek's top 100 is to leave Pumkin Ridge's Ghost Creek course out. Probably the toughest front nine in the Pacific Northwest, Ghost Creek is a real treasure as a golf course.

Outisde of that, Golfweek's rankings are terrific and well worth a look, they obviously put a lot of effort into their work always.

Big Dance Finances----CBS and Turner Sports are expected to exceed $1.1 billon of sponsorship sales for March Madness in 2015.

The cost of a 30 second commercial on championship night is $1.1 million. In 2014, the three biggest sponsors for March Madness were General Motors at $83 million, AT&T at 62 million and Coco Cola $43 million.

Even though many are not official sponsors, worldwide over 1,000 companies tie some type of commercials or promotions related to March Madness.

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