Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crawford's Golf Daily, For June 15th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford----TV, Radio and Print Golf Analyst  twitter---@wchoops @crawssportsbiz

Happy Father's Day---- Like so many, my father was just great. He died way too soon, at the age of 60,  but the short time I had with him, was just wonderful each and everyday.

The times playing golf were memorable, even though my father did not take up the game until the age of 55, but actually played it quite well, for someone starting that late.

Just as  importantly, at the age of 10, he told me get out there and find a job, of which I did on a golf course, a great golf course, Eastmoreland Golf Course.

It led me to loving the game, a game in which close to 90 percent of friends come from, yes the great game of golf. It has taught me honor and how to respect other people. It also has allowed me to play with some very special people, who are friends on the course and off.

So, Dad, it has been 41 years since we have been able to celebrate with you for Father's Day, but at the same time, we celebrate your life everyday and am so honored you took the time to lead me to the great game of golf.

Please share your memories about your father and golf, in the comment section below.

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